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Frequently asked questions - Bellevue

Enrolment and Scheduling


How can I enrol?

You can enrol and join us at any time. You do not have to wait the end of year/term


To enrol in Red Whale:

  • Create a family account via the family portal.

  • Choose your preferred weekdays or weekend sessions, level, and available spots.

  • Ensure your child’s accurate date of birth for appropriate level selection.

  • Enrolments are exclusively done through the portal and cannot be done by email or at the pool.


Where can I find lesson schedules?

  • Lesson schedules can always be seen through the family portal and are regularly changing as children graduate through the program and spots open up.

  • Lesson changes can be made once a month, on the last day of the month. This helps us keep consistency for classes and reduce disruptions with changing children in the classes regularly.


How do I know if I have selected the correct level for my child?

During your first lesson, we will assess your child to make sure they are in the correct level and let you know if any changes need to be made.


What days are you closed?

We are open 7 days out of 7 and are closed only during very limited times. Our yearly calendar is available on our Calendar Page

How long do lessons last?

From Jellyfish to Crocodile: 30 minutes

From Penguin to Red whale: 40 minutes.


Can I book my child in for two lessons a week?

Due to the high demand of lessons for small children and to keep the lessons fun, we do not allow more than one booking per child.


Programs and policies


Do you offer trial sessions?

We do not offer trial sessions, as our subscriptions are monthly. You have the flexibility to cancel  – please refer to our terms and conditions page for more information

You are also welcome to visit the facility before starting, and we can show you around.


Do I need to get in the water with my child?

  • Children under 3.5 years old are in our parent and child program and need one adult per child in the water. If your child is not 100% potty-trained, they must wear a double nappy. This means wearing a reusable neoprene nappy on top of their swimming nappy - neoprene nappies can be bought directly at the pool for 15 CHF. We accept only one parent per child. If you have twins, you need to have two adults as the teacher cannot take care of your child.

  • Children over 3.5 years old are in our independent levels, parents are not permitted in the water. Our team will ensure a smooth transition to swimming independently. For children who are not yet capable of going alone and are over 3.5 years, we can on an ad-hoc basis decide to put them in the goldfish class with one parent.


Can I book a private class?


We only offer private lessons for kids with neurological or motor issues who need personalised attention.

For others, we recommend group lessons for the following reasons:

1. **More Attention**: Our group lessons keep a small group size, so each child gets plenty of attention.

2. **Social Fun**: Kids often enjoy group settings where they can make friends and grow their confidence alongside others.

3. **Engaging Learning**: Learning in groups is fun and keeps children motivated. It can also boost teamwork and enthusiasm. We believe this approach works well for most children.



Unfortunately, we are unable to offer private swimming lessons for adults at the moment due to a lack of availability. However, please feel free to email us ( noting your interest, as we may be able to revisit this option later in the year if places become available - in which case we will contact you.


What is the instructor-to-child ratio in the swimming lessons?

Our swimming lessons maintain a small instructor-to-child ratio to ensure personalised attention and effective learning. The precise ratio may vary depending on the level and age group of the children and can be seen on the registration page. 


Can I request a specific teacher?

While we understand that children - and parents - get attached to specific teachers, life changes and scheduling constraints frequently happen. This means that while we are more than happy to take your preferences into account, we book classes based on levels, not specific teachers.

Can children with special needs or medical conditions participate in the swimming program?

We welcome children with special needs or medical conditions and strive to provide inclusive swimming lessons. Please inform us of any specific requirements so we can accommodate accordingly.


Facilities and Equipment


How can I get to the pool?

The pool is accessible from public transport, with the bus stop directly at our entry.

TPG lines 50 and 52, the stop is named Vieux-Valavran


We also have 70 car parks available for free. We share the car park with the gym next door, so we encourage using public transport or your bike to attend the pool if you can. Parking is a very rare commodity in Geneva so we are not responsible if you cannot find a parking space. Pram parking is conveniently located at the front door of the pool.


Can I wear my shoes at the pool?

Regular shoes are not permitted on the pool deck for hygiene reasons. Kindly bring appropriate shoes for wet areas or take your shoes off.

In our efforts to promote environmental sustainability, we have discontinued the provision of blue shoe covers except in exceptional circumstances. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in our eco-friendly initiatives.


How is the pool water maintained?

We have invested in the same sanitisation system as an industrial drinking water treatment plant. High-speed filtration, UV purification, electrolytic disinfection. Our water is monitored daily to strict protocols.


Are there specific requirements for swim gear or equipment that my child needs to bring?

Children who swim independently are typically required to bring swimwear, goggles, and possibly a swim cap. For parent and child classes, we ask parents to bring a disposable nappy as well as a neoprene nappy (double protection).

We do offer a Red Whale swim cap in our welcome bag which your child receives before his first lesson.


Is there a designated area for parents to observe the swimming lessons?

Yes, we provide a designated viewing area with large glass windows for parents to observe the swimming lessons comfortably while ensuring a conducive learning environment.


Health and Safety


What safety measures are in place during swimming lessons?

Our swimming lessons are conducted under strict safety protocols, with certified instructors on duty. Emergency procedures are in place and regularly practised.


Progress tracking


How long will it take my child to move through a level?

Each level has different skills required to move up to the next level.

Our deck supervisors and teachers are regularly assessing the children for readiness to move.

Please note that Penguin level and up are more challenging, and it is common for children to remain in these levels for more than 12 months. Please speak to the team at the pool if you have any questions.


Are there opportunities for parents to receive feedback on their child's progress or areas of improvement?

We provide parents with regular feedback on their child's progress and areas for improvement. Our deck supervisors assess and communicate your child's development to help track their swimming journey effectively. Additionally, parents can view their child's achievements and follow their progression on the family portal, giving them insight into their child's growth and accomplishments throughout the swimming program.


My kid has graduated to the next level, but I cannot find a suitable spot. What should I do?

We understand that finding the right spot for your child after advancing a level can be challenging. We are committed to helping you find a suitable class. If we are unable to find a solution, we will cancel your subscription.




What are the communication channels available for parents to reach out with questions or concerns regarding their child's swimming lessons?

Parents can reach out with any questions or concerns regarding their child's swimming lessons through email ( or in-person interactions with our staff (we do not have a phone number). We aim to provide prompt and helpful responses to address any queries effectively and ensure a positive experience for both you and your child.


Additional services


What other services do you offer?

Janzu - Sign-up via the Family Portal

Physio - Sign up via l’Espace Santé

Schools - We currently work with Collège du Léman, Ecolint, GES and Polyglottes.


Do you have a Red Whale swim club?

At present, we do not have a Red Whale swim club, however, please feel free to email us ( noting your interest, as we may be able to revisit this option later in the year — in which case we will contact you.

If you have any further inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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