Meet Our Team



Founder & Director - Responsable for teaching & swim programme

Mike is the founder of Red Whale Swim School and a swim teacher. He grew up in Australia but has lived in greater Geneva since 2003. He has three kids who keep him on his toes and teaching them to swim was the inspiration behind Red Whale.


He is a strong advocate of children learning to swim from a young age.


BLS/AED & Base pool & Pool Plus (Switzerland)

STA International Baby and Pre-School Teacher

STA International Swimming Teacher



Branch Manager & Swim Teacher - Geneva & Lausanne

Zuzanna is Clio & Mike's right hand and is responsible for our pools in Geneva & Lausanne.


She deals with all the registrations, emails, teacher planning & training.


She was born and grew up in Poland, she is a vegetarian and she has a dog. 


She has been a certified swimming teacher since 2014 and lifeguard, and she specialises in working with toddlers and babies.

She loves to admire her pupils’ progress. She cannot imagine her life without teaching how to swim


First Aid and CPR (Poland)

STA International Baby and Pre-School Teacher

STA International Swimming Teacher



Founder & Director - Responsible for client relations, planning, HR & Communication

Clio is Mike's wife and is in charge of everything that is not related to teaching. She has 3 children, one dog and loves watching movies, the sun & traveling. 

Previously, she used to work for Médecins Sans Frontières as a communication advisor. 



First Aid and CPR (Switzerland)

STA International Baby and Pre-School Teacher

STA International Swimming Teacher



Swim Teacher - Geneva

Adrian was born near the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and trained as a football player  in high school. He received his B.A. in Physical Education and his M.A. in Sports and Performance in Bucharest. Adrian worked as a swim instructor and PE Teacher in Romania, a football coach in France and a swim teacher in London. He is a certified teacher in PE and Swimming (UK). 


He has been living in Switzerland since September 2019. Now, the Swiss mountains make him feel at home.


BLS/AED & Base pool (Switzerland)

STA International Baby and Pre-School Teacher

STA International Swimming Teacher



Swim Teacher - Geneva & Lausanne


Dan has more than 10 years of experience in teaching swimming to children of all ages and even adults. He was a competitive swimmer and a professional handball player.

Dan received his master's degree in Sport and Performance Coaching, is certified in Pool Plus and has a strong background in teaching swimming to children with special needs.

He strives to make his swim classes: safe, fun and effective.


BLS/AED & Base pool & Pool Plus (Switzerland)

STA International Baby and Pre-School Teacher

STA International Swimming Teacher



Swim Teacher - Lausanne

Aquaphobic until the age of 6, Ariane later competed in the Swiss Swimming Championships with breaststroke. She has been a passionate teacher since the age of 18 and she loves to share her joy of being in the water. Ariane is a mom to 3 adult children.

She is a certified swim instructor for ages: 3 months to 99 years old and also has the aquagym, aquaphobia, and the Pool Plus certificate.

Her moto in life is: everything is possible!



Swim Teacher - Geneva

Malissa is a Swiss, African-American and Italian educator and facilitator.  She has had the opportunity to accompany and teach children from 6+ months to 18 years. Her educational background includes music education, wilderness education and teaching sports and art activities. 
Having taken swimming lessons and always loved the water from a young age, she is happy to help children and parents adopt a renewed awareness of the pleasure of swimming through the creation of safe, caring and playful moments. 



Swim Teacher - Lausanne

Aurane is a student at the University of Neuchâtel in logopedics and educational psychology and has grown up Switzerland. She has always loved water and is a swimmer as well as a diver; she particularly enjoys that her work allows her to share her knowledge, meet people and be in her element.


She is a certified lifeguard, having received her Pool Plus and BLS-AED (SSS), and first aid certificates (Red Cross).



Swim Teacher - Geneva & Lausanne

Guiseppe was born in South Africa to Italian parents, and discovered his passion for sports early on,.


He studied in Paris where he received the Bpjeps AGFF and Bpjeps AAN certificates, the ENF 1, 2, 3 (French Swimming Federation certifications). He has been in Geneva since 2019 and is certified in Pro Pool, the Lac Module Brevet and the CR BLS-AED.

He likes to discover other forms of fitness, such as aquagym, aquabike, pilates etc.



Swim Teacher & HR Manager - Geneva & Lausanne

Andy was born in Belgium. He discovered very early his passion for sports by specializing in swimming and artistic gymnastics where he reached a national level.

He studied in Belgium where he obtains a sports baccalaureate and a high certificate as an aquatic lifeguard (BSSA) in 2009. He obtains in 2014 the Brevet Pool Plus (in Switzerland).

Since then, he teaches swimming to persons of all ages in different countries and with a specialty in aquaphobia.

Andy first sees his job as a passion with an immense desire to pass on his knowledge.



Swim Teacher - Geneva

Louise was born in France and she grew up for 10 years in the US where she has learnt to swim in a similar style as the one Red Whale uses. She has just finished her bachelor's degree in psychology at the University of Geneva and wishes to continue with a master's degree in clinical psychology.

Being a swimmer for 15 years, she loves to share her love for the water. She is convinced that swimming is the best prevention for physical and mental illnesses.

Her goal is to share the love for swimming in a wellbeing environment.



Swim Teacher - Geneva

Martina grew up in Italy and travelled to Australia, where she worked as a swimming teacher, before coming to Geneva.


She's always proud of every improvement of her students, hoping they'll love swimming as much as she does.


Martina is a certified Austswim and CPR swim instructor (Australia) and holds Plus pool and BSL AED certificates (Switzerland).



Swim Teacher - Lausanne

Eileen is 22 years old and a student in International Relations at the University of Geneva. Originally from Lausanne, her mother of Argentinean origin speaks Spanish to her!
When I'm not studying, I do a lot of crafts, sewing, pottery, creations, etc. I love animals but the great tragedy is that I am allergic to them! 
I have always loved to swim, whether in the pool, the lake, the sea or the ocean, as soon as there is a water hole, you will find me in it! Swimming has become my passion and my new favourite activity. I spent a month in Sicily learning to dive and got my PADI Open Water certificate. 



Swim Teacher - Geneva

Annouk grew up near Zürich and is doing her Bachelors at the university of Geneva at the moment.

Her love of sport began already early in her life, when she tried many different types of sports, such as gymnastics, dance, horseback riding and of course swimming.

She has been a gymnastics coach and a swim teacher assistant in her hometown for several years and at the Red Whale swim school since summer 2021. 



Swim Teacher - Geneva & Lausanne


My name is Gaëlle, I have been a lifeguard in France for 7 years and I am very passionate about water! 


Confirmed snorkeler and surfer, I enjoy transmitting and teaching my passion to my students with great energy!

carla .png


Swim Teacher & Greeter - Geneva

Carla grew up in France and took swimming lessons throughout her childhood, which helped her overcome her fear of water.
She is now studying medicine in Geneva. Being confident in water from a young age is essential for children's safety and is an excellent way to stimulate and refine their psychomotor development.
Coming from a large family, it is with pleasure and naturalness that she works with the children.  
She looks forward to seeing their progress and hopes to pass on her love of water to them.

Arlène .png


Swim Teacher - Lausanne

I started swimming at 3 months old because it was my mum's job. I then continued to practice this sport until competition. I also started lifesaving at a very early age, I did my "young lifesaver" certificate, then "base pool" and "plus pool".
Teaching is something I'm passionate about, I'm studying at the Haute Ecole Pédagogique in Lausanne.



Greeter - Geneva

Michal is Polish, and was born in Geneva, but spent his childhood in Egypt, where he discovered his close connection to water. He began swimming at a very early age, and completed a PADI certificate in open water diving in 2018 at the Red Sea.

He has been living in Geneva since 2015, in which time he has also become a volunteer lifeguard in his country of Poland. He looks forward to welcoming you and your children to the lessons.

Iris .png


Swim Teacher & Greeter - Geneva

Iris is a first year student in the Bachelor's programme in International Relations. 
She is a teacher's assistant and a receptionist. 
She was born in the United States and moved to Switzerland when she was 1.5 years old. 
Prior to Redwhale, Iris was a coach and volunteer with the Païdos Association, where she worked with children on Wednesdays. 
Although she only swims for her own pleasure, water is her element. She is like a fish in water! 
She also likes to dance, sing and play the ukulele.



Swim Teacher - Lausanne

Carine is French and she studies at the University of Lausanne. The water has always been her element. She started swimming at a very young age, doing baby swimmers, and ended up swimming competitively for eight years, including two years in "sport-study". Carine is also a summer lifeguard. She hopes to pass on her passion for swimming.

Carine has the BNSSA and the certificates of first aid in team 1 and 2 as well as the attestation of supervision of bathing and nautical activities (France).



Swim Teacher & Greeter - Geneva

Abby began working with children as an art teacher at summer camp. Her swimming skills were honed in the cold waters of coastal Massachusetts. She is Swiss-American, with a touch of Irish, which makes her comfortable working with children in both French and English.
She is a student at the University of Geneva, enjoying the rigour of finance and the complexity of mathematics! 
Her approach to teaching swimming is centred on the individual, their abilities and personality, as every student is different, and therefore so should be the teaching.  

Inès .png


Greeter - Lausanne

Inès is a medical student in Lausanne who is currently in the first year of her master's degree. She loves to travel, especially in the medical context. She is currently doing her master's work in pulmonary ultrasound in the context of tuberculosis in Benin. 
She likes to share time with friends and is always open to meet new people. She will welcome you with a smile and will be at your disposal for any information. She has a BLS-AED training which is regularly renewed as part of her studies. 

Alexandra .png


Greeter - Lausanne

Alexandra was born in Angola, and during her childhood she travelled a lot and moved to Switzerland in 2016.
Today she studies at the University of Lausanne in the Faculty of Law.
She speaks English, Italian, French, Portuguese and some German.
Her experiences have made her a sociable and open-minded person, and being the eldest child in her family, she loves children and sees them progress and evolve in what they want to achieve.



Swim Teacher - Geneva

Tabitha is a fun and loving mum of 2. She is Australian, but has lived in Geneva for many years. As a Swim Teacher, she hopes to help children not only learn how to swim but to enjoy it too.

Tabitha is certified in Swim Teaching and Safety award for teachers & Baby and preschool Award (STA, UK)  as well as the First Aid and CPR certificate (Switzerland).