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Terms & Conditions

Please read this page carefully as it will respond to most of your questions

I understand that by registering and paying for a lesson I have read, understood & accepted the following Terms and Conditions.

  • My booking will be automatically renewed every month unless I cancel

  • Cancellations must be made by close of business on the 20th of the month

  • I have read and understood the full below terms and conditions of my Red Whale subscription.

Welcome to Red Whale Swim School. These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of our services.



  • Upon booking, your time slot remains fixed each week.

  • Subscription renews automatically monthly unless you cancel it.

  • New bookings can be made up to 10 days in advance.

  • Your booking is not final and secure until the payment has gone through.



  • Monthly payments are processed on the 1st of each month through direct debit.

  • Payments are credit card-only via the family portal's payment gateway.

  • Monthly payment amounts may vary based on the number of lesson days in that month.

  • Partial month bookings are charged immediately for the remaining lessons.

  • Unsuccessful payment attempts will result in removal after 5 days.



  • Sibling discounts are available for ongoing bookings.

10% off for the second child

20% off for the third child

30% off for subsequent children

  • Discounts do not apply to other programs, such as holiday intensive programs, Janzu, Aqua, etc.


Credits and Refunds

  • Credits are applied to your family account.

  • Credits cannot be returned for a refund

  • Credits are valid for 5 years. After five years, the credits will be deleted automatically.



  • We monitor and assess children continuously and move them when ready

  • If the new class level is not suitable for you, we will help you find a spot or cancel and refund.


Lesson changes

  • Families can adjust lesson times on the last day of each month via the family portal.

  • The portal is accessible during business hours on the last day of the month.

  • Changes are minimised to avoid disruptions with different children attending.


Missed lessons

  • No credits, make-ups, or refunds are provided for missed lessons.

Unexpected Pool Closure or Lesson Disruption:

  • In case of a pool incident (technical or hygienic) hindering normal lessons, you will receive a credit for the affected lesson(s) on your next invoice.


Cancellation Policy

  • To cancel ongoing bookings, submit the cancellation request by close of business on the 20th of the previous month: 

  • To cancel lessons starting 1st October, we need to receive the form by 20th September

  • Note that your place may not be guaranteed upon return.

  • To cancel classes that begin on 18th August 2025 after the summer break, you must do so by 20th June 2025, if you do not wish to attend the classes starting 18th August 2025. This is the only exception.


Prolonged Absence – Medical

  • With a medical certificate for three consecutive lessons or more, notify us by email for subscription cancellation and account credit (remaining lessons will be credited on your family portal).

  • Credits cannot be applied retrospectively; prompt notification is crucial.

  • Please note, we cannot guarantee you same place when you can return.


Health, Safety and Conduct

  • Everyone must adhere to safety directives from the Red Whale team.

  • Parents and guardians must supervise children outside of lesson times and are required to remain in the facility while lessons are ongoing.

  • Children not participating in lessons should be under adult supervision at all times.

  • Red Whale instructors may suspend or terminate a lesson for any child or parent that the instructor determines to be disruptive, unsafe or violent. In the event of severe or repeated disruptions, a child or parent may be barred from rejoining their lessons without seeking prior approval from the Red Whale management team.

  • Help maintain a clean environment by keeping parking, viewing, and changing areas tidy. Report any concerns to our team.


Health Guidelines

  • Children in parent and child classes must wear double nappies - one disposable swim nappy and one neoprene nappy over the top.

  • Ensure good health for yourself and your children attending lessons.

  • Children with any infectious conditions or open wounds are not permitted in the pool and can be asked to leave the pool.

  • Notify the instructors of any medical conditions or allergies that may affect the child's participation.

  • Consult a doctor before returning to lessons. Show consideration for others’ health and well-being.

  • Do not bring food or beverage other than water in the changing area and on the pool deck.


Filming and Photography

  • Strictly no filming or photography allowed for the safety and privacy of all individuals within our facility. Monitoring is in place to enforce this policy.


Termination of Subscription

  • We reserve the right to terminate your subscription or refuse service if there are violations of our terms and conditions or for any other reason.



  • We conduct regular reviews of our terms and conditions. Any updates will be communicated via email and will be effective immediately upon communication.


Contact us

  • We don’t have a phone number as we are in the pool during contactable hours, but we endeavour to respond to emails within 48h.


More information can be found on our Frequently asked questions page


Location Bellevue Geneva

Red Whale Swim School Bellevue

1B chemin des Limites

1293 Bellevue

Terms and Conditions update July 2024

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