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Terms & Conditions

Please read this page carefully as it will respond to most of your questions



To enrol in our swim school, you must create a family account, complete the registration process, and provide accurate and up-to-date information (date of birth of your child, etc.). You will not be able to register your child without the correct date of birth.


Link to your family portal: Portail Famille - Family portal​ 


Please note that our subscription is an automatic monthly renewed subscription unless you cancel. You are registered in all the lessons – we cannot accommodate for parents who would like one week out of two lessons.


We do not accept enrolments by email or in person at the pool. We do not offer trial lessons, but you're welcome to visit and observe lessons during opening hours times.


Children under 3.5 years old swim with ONE parent in the water (you can change parent, but we only accept one parent/child at a time). If you have twins, you must have two adults in the lesson.

Children older than 3.5 swim without a parent. Classes for children swimming alone are NOT determined by age but by swimming ability.


After you choose the class, you have 10 minutes to enter a credit card and confirm payment. Your spot is only confirmed after the payment is processed. If payment fails, your spot is automatically cancelled. Your payment is for the remaining lessons in the current month.


A confirmation email with relevant information will be sent after payment is confirmed.


During the first lesson, we will verify that your child is in the correct level. If not, we will offer you an alternative spot in the correct level. If you do not accept one of the available spots, your enrolment will be cancelled immediately and re will refund you for the remaining lesson in the month.

Please note that missed lessons are not refunded, credited or replaced and we do not offer any ad-hoc changes to lessons.


Available spots


Our enrolment system is perpetual. You can join at any time. There is no need to wait for the start of a new term or new month. Our booking system is updated in real time.


All available spots are displayed on our family portal. They are no additional spots. As children move classes, cancel, and enroll, available spots are updated in real time, so if you cannot find a spot that you like, you can recheck at a later time.


Teaching Schedule:


We teach from Monday to Friday from 4pm until 7.30pm. On Tuesday, Friday and Sunday we also teach in the morning. On Wednesday and Saturday we teach all day.


Facility address: Chemin des Limites 1B, 1293 Bellevue.


Regular lessons run for 41 weeks per year. There are no regular lessons at Christmas (2 weeks), Easter (2 weeks), and summer (7 weeks). You are not charged for regular lessons during these 11 weeks.

One-week intensive courses are available in summer and at Easter. Check the calendar below.




Your card will be charged upon enrolment for the remaining lessons in the month. Unless you cancel, your card will then l be automatically charged on the 1st day of each month.

It is your responsibility to keep your card updated with the correct expiry date and have available funds on the card. If the payment attempt failures, we will notify you, and retry to charge your card. If payment is not successful before the 5th day of the month, your enrolment will be cancelled and you lose your spot. We cannot guarantee the same spot will be available again.


Payment history can be viewed in your family account on our website in the “Billing” tab.

Payments accepted only via credit card through our UDIO booking system, we do not accept cash at the pool.

Please note that sibling’s discount is applied only after the payment is processed.




Monday to Friday lessons: CHF 40 per lesson.

Saturday and Sunday lessons: CHF 45 per lesson.

Final price depends on the number of lessons in a month (so if in September you have 4 Monday lessons you will be charged 160 CHF – if it is 5 Mondays the following month, you will be charged 200 CHF).


Sibling discounts: 10% on the second child, 20% on the third, and 30% on the fourth child.


Lesson Schedule:


Lesson schedules can be seen at all times by parents via the family portal and are subject to change based on availability and unforeseen circumstances. All changes will be notified by email.

We will make reasonable efforts to inform you in advance of any changes to the schedule.

We no longer maintain a waiting list, as our interactive system shows real-time availability.


Changing your lesson day or time without a level change


We understand that life circumstances change. However, for some stability and continuity, it is only possible to change your class (day and timeslot) on the last day of the month, for the following month. To be able to do this you simply log into your family portal and make the changes yourself. No changes will be made via email or in person at the pool.


Moving to the next level:


We are constantly assessing each student continuously. If a child is ready to move to the next level, level changes will be effective at the start of the next month. If your child is ready to move up to the next level, we will notify you and offer you several timeslots on several days. The change can be made by our team at the pool. We cannot guarantee to have the same day or time as the existing class. If you cannot accept any of the timeslots offered, your enrolment will be cancelled. We do not keep children in a level if they are ready to move up.


From Penguin level and up, moving to the next level takes a lot more time (often 12 months). It is perfectly normal for children to stay in these level for several month, or even longer than a year.


If you are unsure about the new time slot, we will record completion details on the family portal, and on the last day of the month, you will have the opportunity to make changes yourself via the family portal. There are no changes via email.

Lesson Duration:


From Jellyfish to Crocodile: 30 minutes

From Penguin to Red whale: 40 minutes.

Cancellations and refunds:


If you wish to cancel your registration, you must inform us by filling in the form HERE before the 20th of the previous month (for example, if you wish to cancel the month of November, you must do so before the 20th of October). Cancellations cannot be made directly at the pool. Cancellations can only be made for the following month. If in October you wish to cancel for February, you will have to wait until after 1 January to fill in the form. 

If you are absent or unable to attend a lesson, we cannot offer refunds or make-up lessons due to logistical constraints. We do not offer ad-hoc lesson changes, even if there is a place in a lesson due to disruption to that lesson.


If you are late for your course, we will not allow you to stay on the next course, even if that course has a free place or is at the same level.

Exception: Prolonged Absence


In the case of an accident or long-term illness, with a medical certificate covering at least three consecutive weeks and announced and send by email immediately, we will cancel your subscription and credit your account for the missed lessons. Your place in the class will not be held.

Re-enrolment is required, and availability in the same class is not guaranteed.


There is no possibility to receive a credit or be refunded for any session that has already taken place before you notified us.


Safety and Conduct:


Participants must adhere to all safety guidelines and instructions provided by our instructors.

Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their children outside the designated lesson times.

Please note that we are a teaching school, and it is not allowed to stay in the pool outside of a lesson. We will kindly ask you to leave at the end of the lesson.


Health and Attendance:


Before bringing your child to the pool, please ensure they are in good health.

If your child is sick or has a skin problem, please consult with your doctor to determine when they can safely return to the pool.

If your child has a fever, please refrain from bringing them to the pool.


Media Release:

Taking pictures or videos as the pool is totally forbidden.


Facility Guidelines:

When dropping off your child for swim class, please remain in the facility or designated viewing area.

Please help us maintain a clean environment by keeping the parking area, viewing area and changing area clean.


We reserve the right to terminate your enrolment or refuse service if you violate our terms and conditions or engage in behavior that compromises the safety or well-being of others.


Amendments to Terms and Conditions.

We may update or modify these terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes will be communicated to you through the provided contact information and be effective immediately to your enrolment, regardless of when you enrolled. You accept these updated terms and conditions unless you notify us in writing. If you do not accept the new terms and conditions, you have the option to cancel with immediate effect.


Remember to review these terms and conditions in detail before enrolling in our swim school. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us for clarification (


Updated on 12th July 2023.

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