Red Whale Swim School Switzerland

Red Whale's Story

With 3 young children, founder Mike Elliott was highly frustrated with the availability of good swimming teaching and child friendly pools in his adopted Switzerland. Compared to his native Australia, where learn to swim programmes are abundant, there seemed to be a lack of importance placed on children learning to swim from a young age, and lack of lessons in warm pools, which is standard in other countries. 

He took matters in to his own hands and became an Australian qualified swim teacher in order to teach his own children. After discussing the issue with many parents in Geneva, Vaud, and neighbouring France, it became very evident that there was a huge demand for a better approach to children's swim teaching in the region. Parents all want: warm water, small classes, and highly credentialed teachers who are always in the water to ensure personal attention. Just as importantly, lessons need to be available on weekends, so working parents can come along.


He decided to go ahead and build a swim centre specifically designed for babies and children, similar to what exists in other countries. That is how Red Whale began. We now offer lessons in Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux and is building a swim centre specifically designed for babies and children - the first of its kind in Switzerland. 


According to the WHO, drowning is the largest accidental killer of children between 1-5 years old in the world. Our vision is to teach as many children to swim as possible, as young as possible, so they are safe and confident in the water.​


To contact us please use the email corresponding to the school your would like to attend: