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What Makes Red Whale Swim School So Unique?

1. Our Exclusive Splash Haven in Geneva (Bellevue)

 Immerse yourself in the Red Whale experience at our private swimming oasis in Bellevue, Geneva. Unveiled in October 2022, our pool is custom-built for our little swimmers, featuring warm, inviting water at a balmy 33°C. This aquatic wonderland is exclusively dedicated to teaching babies as young as 2 months, toddlers, and children.

We are in the process of building our own pool in Lausanne (opening January 2025) and on the "Rive Gauche" in Geneva. 

2. Warm Embrace of Comfort

We're all about warm waters! Public pools often leave your little ones shivering with temperatures ranging from 26-28°C. At Red Whale, we keep the chill at bay with pools that are just right, ensuring there are no shivering kids.


3. Safety Takes Centre Stage

Safety comes first! Drowning is a global concern for kids aged 1-5, and we take it seriously. Our program instils crucial safety skills, techniques, and water awareness from an early age, giving your child a better shot at survival in water emergencies (reminder to parents: nothing beats 100% supervision).

4. Starting Early, Swimming Strong

Life is a splash – and we start early! Lessons at Red Whale kick off at just 42 months of age in Bellevue & 5 months in Lausanne. Starting young means your child will feel safer and more confident in the water, ultimately becoming a stellar swimmer. Plus, it's a fantastic parent-child bonding experience.

5. Flexible Lesson Times

We know parents have busy schedules, which is why we offer weekend lessons at all our pools, making it convenient for working parents. If weekdays work better, we've got you covered at two of our five locations.

6. Personalised Learning with a Splash of Fun

Learning through play is the name of the game. At Red Whale, we believe that kids learn best when they're having a blast. We provide just the right balance of challenge without turning swimming lessons into a boot camp.

7. Meet Our Superstar Instructors

Our instructors aren't just passionate; they're pros with specialised qualifications for teaching babies and children. Learning from the best, your child will be in great hands.

8. No Child Left Behind

Progress happens at its own pace, and we embrace that at Red Whale. Every child learns in the same sequence, but they evolve at their unique speed. We don't give up on any child; even slow progress is progress. And when they conquer that underwater head dunk, breakthroughs abound!

9. Parental Convenience

Say goodbye to entry fees and the hassle of changing into swimwear - at least for children older than 3.5 years old. For babies and young toddlers, one parent is still needed during our swim lessons, making this the perfect bonding experience.

Come join the Red Whale family, where swimming is an adventure, safety is paramount, and fun is guaranteed.

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