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Our difference: FAQ

How is Red Whale different from other swim schools and swimming lessons?

1. Warm water: 


We only teach in warm pools. Pools that are less than 30°c are not suitable for young children. Most public pools are between 26 and 28°c. There are no shivering children at Red Whale.

2. Focus on Safety.


Drowning is the largest accidental killer of children between 1-5 years old in the world. Our programme teaches safety skills, techniques and awareness from a young age to improve a child's chance of survival if they accidentally fall into water (reminder to parents: there is no substitute for 100% supervision). 


3. We start young. Lessons from 4 months of age.


You are only young once! Starting early means your child will be safer and more confident in the water, and ultimately a better swimmer. Swimming is a great parent-child bonding activity as well. 

To learn more about the benefits of learning to swim at an early age, please visit our dedicated page. 

4. Lesson times that work for you! 


We know that for many parents, attending lessons on weekdays is difficult. We offer lessons on Saturday and Sunday at all pools, so working parents can attend. We also offer lessons during the week at two of our five pools. 

5. Personal attention.


We have small class sizes and our teachers are always in the water when the level of swimming of your child requires it. This means children receive personal attention and will progress much faster. 


6. A fun, non-traumatic approach.


Our programme encourages learning through games and activities. Children should enjoy their lessons and want to come back each week. Although we sufficiently challenge children when they are ready, we don't believe in a military style approach that traumatises children. 

7. The best teachers.


Our teachers are professionals and highly passionate. They have specific qualifications to teach babies and children.

8. No child left behind. 

All children learn in the same sequence but progress at a different pace. There are many factors that affect this. Any child can be a good swimmer, even if they are initially nervous or scared.


No matter how long it takes, we never neglect any child, or give up on any child. Even if it seems a child is making slow progress, a child's confidence is always growing and inevitably this ends in them making breakthroughs.


This is most commonly seen when children first put their head underwater. This can take a long time for some children, but once this breakthrough is made, they usually progress at a faster pace.


9. Convenience for parents.


Unlike at public pools, parents do not need to pay an entry fee to the pool or get changed into their swimsuit in order to come into the pool hall.

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