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Our method and swim programme

Our swimming programme is based on successful infants and children's programmes developed in Australia, where children start swim lessons as babies to develop confidence and comfort in the water from a young age. We only conduct lessons in warm water and make it a fun and enjoyable experience. 


We do not  force crying children to float on the back for long periods. 

Fun and effective swim programme


At Red Whale, we use a proven learn-to-swim programme that is fun and effective. The programme guides children through the foundational steps – from baby to competent swimmer – and your child can join at any stage! We teach small groups with teachers always in the water to provide personal attention.

Child and Parent Programme (from 2 months to 3.5 years old)


You are only young once! In parent and child classes, children who are 2 months in Geneva and 5 months in Lausanne to 3.5 years old are accompanied by a parent in the water. We teach basic swimming skills as well as water safety skills. We also use singing and games to keep children engaged and ensure there are plenty of smiles. More about levels here: Parent-Child Levels.


Independent Swimmers Programme: (from 3,5 year of age)


Starting from 3,5 years of age, children swim without parents. Classes are competency based and organized by ability. Children move through the levels as their skills develop. All children learn in the same sequence, but at different speeds. More about levels here: Independent Swimmers Levels.

Swimming lessons should be something to look forward to

We take a fun and nurturing approach. We only teach in warm pools, which ensures a more pleasant experience as children are more comfortable and are not shivering.


We give out encouragement generously (and so should you!) because children progress at different speeds. 


For children who are not initially comfortable in the water, persistence and patience are important.  All children can become good swimmers.

​  ​​ 

Here is how we have integrated repetition and positive encouragement into our core methodology:

  • We demonstrate a skill by showing and explaining

  • We encourage children to perform the skill

  • We congratulate them and applaud their efforts

  • We practice by repeating the skill

Want to learn more about how the Red Whale swim programme is different from the ‘traditional’ swimming classes? Please visit Our Difference page. 

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