Our method and swim programme

Our swimming programme is based on successful infants and children's programmes developed in Australia and the UK, where children start swim lessons as babies to develop confidence and comfort in the water from a young age. We only conduct lessons in warm water and make it a fun and enjoyable experience. 

We adopt a complete swimming programme – not just individual lessons.


At Red Whale, you are not enrolling your child for a series of single lessons, but a proven learn to swim programme that is fun and effective. The programme takes children through the steps from baby to competent swimmer.

Repetition and reinforcement at each stage is the key to progression. Teaching your child to swim is a 3-way commitment between the parent, child and teachers. 

We encourage parents to take their children to their pool between lessons and practice some of the skills and activities learnt. Exposure to water is key.

Learning to swim should be fun and never traumatic.

We take a fun and nurturing approach. We only teach in warm pools. Pools that are less than 30°c are not suitable for young children. No shivering children on the side of the pool at Red Whale.


Constant encouragement, and reinforcement are critical, as children progress at different speeds. Even for children who are not initially comfortable in the water, persistence and patience is the key. All children can become good swimmers.

If you want to learn more about how Red Whale is different, please visit Our Difference page. 


Child and Parent Programme:


We start young! Our parents and child programme is for children from 4 months of age to 3.5 years old. The fundamental skills of swimming are learnt as well as well as water safety skills.


With younger children, we use singing and games as way to encourage participation and ensure there are plenty of smiles. Learning to swim should always be fun.

To see the different levels, please visit our dedicated Child and Parent page



Independent swimmers Programme:


Starting from 3 years of age, children take instruction directly from teachers without parents in the water. The teacher/child ratio is low, with teachers in the water for beginners to ensure personal attention for each child. Classes are organised by ability and children progress through the different levels once they can perform the skills in each level.


All children learn in the same sequence but may progress at a difference pace. There are lot of different factors that contribute to the speed at which children learn to swim. the keys are repetition and positive encouragement, and always ensuring the lessons are fun and enjoyable, so swimming is always a positive experience for them. 

Our core methodology:

  • Demonstrate a skill: by showing them and telling them.

  • Encouraging them to perform the skill

  • Congratulation and applaud

  • Repeat the skill

To see the different levels, please visit our dedicated Independent swimmers page.

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