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At what pools & what time do classes take place?

LAUSANNE - FLON (from 5 months old – all levels): Saturday (9am – 5pm), Sunday (9am – 1pm)

Aquamed Flon Lausanne, Voie du Chariot 4/6, 1003 Lausanne

Are all your pools heated?


Yes, we only work in warm water. Our water temperature is between 31 and 33°.

How old does my child need to be to start classes?


We start lessons in our starfish level at the age of 5 months. Children between 5 months and 3.5 years swim with a parent who accompanies them in the water. From the age of 3.5 years, children swim alone, without a parent in the water. If you think your child is not ready to swim alone, please let us know.  

What are class modalities, can I sign up for one class?


In Lausanne, all our classes take place for a duration of a trimester. Here are our terms: Winter (January – April), Spring (April – July), Summer (July – August), and Autumn (September – December). To know the exact dates of each term for this year and the price, please visit our calendar page here.

If you start late, your invoice will be credited for the classes that you have missed. Please note that if you register late, your options in terms of time/day will be limited.

Can my child do a trial lesson?


We do not offer any trial lesson and all invoices must be paid in full before the start of a term. However, if you are a first-time client and you realise that for some reason your child is not yet ready for lessons, you do have until 24 hours after your first lesson to cancel your enrolment. In case of a cancellation, we reimburse the remainder of the term.

How do I register?


Children who are swimming in the current term have priority over new children or children who swam with us during previous terms. Registration is only done via the registration website and your family portal.


To be kept informed of the opening dates, please register to our newsletter via the website or follow our facebook page. We do not have a waiting list for the next term. You will have to sign up when registration opens. 


What level is my child?


To determine your child’s level, please consult our level description here for all child-parent classes (for all kids under 3,5). For independent swimmers, please consult the levels here.

If in doubt, please choose a lower level as it is much easier to move a child up a level during a term and it does wonders for a child’s confidence!

Please note that for independent swimmers, the level is NOT based on age but on swimming competencies. 

At the end of the term, your child will receive a medal which will correspond to the level your child has achieved and will swim in during the following term.

What if I still chose the wrong level?


Not a problem! Every first class is a small evaluation. If your child is in the wrong level, we will change their group and will try to stay as close as possible to your original class time.

What is needed for the first class?


For parent-child (P-C) classes: babies need a double diaper – a disposable one and a reusable neoprene one (can be bought at the pool before your first class for CHF 15). The parent just needs a regular lycra swimsuit. That’s it!

Independent swimmers: Children need a regular lycra swimsuit (one-piece is ideal for girls) and a cap if their hair might cover their face while swimming. Goggles are recommended as they can help your child with putting their head under water.

Can we bring our own armbands?


No, please do not bring any other equipment to the pool. We have many different types of flotations devices that help children learn how to swim and the teachers will use them at their discretion.

I know in advance that my child will miss a class, can I have a make up lesson or a refund?


Unfortunately, if your child misses a class, that class is simply lost. If your child cannot return to swimming classes due to injury or competing activities, we will not issue a refund in this situation. The only exception is if you cancel you lessons due to injury in the first 3 weeks of the term and we can find a replacement for your child, then you may be refunded.

I have left something at the pool!


Not to worry, we have a lost and found box at every pool. However, you can only pick up your items during the working hours of Red Whale. Please see the first question to see our opening hours. If your lost item cannot be found, Redwhale cannot be held responsible. We empty the box before every term and give the clothes to charity. 

You had no place in the current trimester, now what?


Sadly, you will have to wait until next trimester. To be kept informed of the opening dates for the winter term, please register to our newsletter via the website or follow our Facebook page. We do not have a waiting list for the next term. You will have to sign up when registration opens.

More questions? 

Please send us an email to the email address of the pool your are interested in found in the footer of this page.

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