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The below terms apply to all registered students and parents in Lausanne & Morges

Terms and Conditions



You accept these terms and conditions by paying the invoice. It is your responsibility to have read the terms and conditions before paying the invoice.


A link to these terms and conditions can be found on our registration portal as well.

Our pools are learning pools. No access outside lesson times is allowed. We do not organise trial lessons. 

By paying the invoice, you accept the time and date of the lesson for the entire duration of the term. The time and date cannot be changed once the invoice has been paid unless Red Whale wishes to do so. It is the parent's responsibility to check that the proposed time and day is appropriate.

Red Whale declines all responsibility in case of accident or theft. Students must have personal liability insurance.


If a child misses a lesson, it is neither changed, refunded nor replaced, regardless of the reason for the child missing the lesson.

Registration is only done by opening an account and choosing a lesson.

Any person who fails to comply with these Red Whale terms and conditions, runs the risk of being excluded from the lessons without refund or compensation.

Once the registration is validated, it is not possible to cancel or modify it, except if a medical certificate cancels the entire term and is sent by email three days BEFORE the start of the term.

1. Our Terms


We operate on a quarterly basis. We have four terms per year:

1.         Fall (August - December)

2.         Winter (January - Easter holidays)

3.         Spring (Easter holidays - June)

4.         Summer Camp (July and August - not available in all pools).


Registration for a term is only done by creating a family account and choosing a lesson depending on the child's swim level. Registrations for current swimmers opens no later than 3 weeks before start of new term and 15 days for new children.  

Registrations by telephone and e-mail will not be taken into account. 


All the information about the trimester is on our website as well as our swimming program.


Once you are student at Red Whale you will be given priority for the next term, ahead of new enrolments and you will receive the link for registrations ahead of other children. New children and children who swam with us at previous terms will have registrations open 15 days after current swimmers. 

2. Lesson Registration 


Current swimmers and their siblings are given a link to register to a class ahead of new children or previous term swimmers. Registrations for new swimmers and previous term swimmers is share on the website 15 days afterwards. For current swimmers, a level is given to the child ahead of registering to a new term. For new children, they need to assess their children's level. Our levels are explained on the level page.

Currently as we rent out our pools, we have a limited amount of places available. They are all on the registration schedule. Once the classes are full, we do not have any other spots. 

Registrations for current swimmers open around 3 weeks before start of the next term.

3. Class changes/hour


Red Whale has the right to consolidate a class that is not full (minimum 4 children per class). Our staff will work with you to reschedule classes. If you do not accept the new time, we will refund you. Since classes are validated by semester, it is rare for the time of the class to change during a term.However, we cannot guarantee the same swimming instructor for the entire term.

4. Cancellation, refund, and course change


  • Enrolment of returning children at the Red Whale Swimming School: once an invoice is paid, no cancellations, changes or refunds are possible for that term. Once the registration is validated, it is not possible to cancel or modify it, except if a medical certificate cancels the entire term and is sent by email three days BEFORE the start of the week.

  • For new children coming to Red Whale for the first time, cancellation and refund are only possible if you notify us no later than 24 hours after your first class. Beyond 24 hours, no refund will be made. There are no exceptions. Refund will be give to you for the remainder of the term. 


Absence of a child from a lesson

  • You can announce your absence by email, but this is not mandatory.

  • However, lessons missed, even if justified by a medical certificate, are neither reimbursed, changed or replaced. There are no exceptions.


Prolonged absence justified by a medical certificate

In case of illness, justified by a medical certificate and announced immediately, which cancels your participation to all courses for the rest of the term, we will refund the rest of the term if the cancellation is made before the 3rd course. Beyond the 3rd lesson, we will apply a credit to your family account for the remaining term. After the 3rd lesson, no refunds are offered.


Cancellation of a lesson by Red Whale.

  • In the event of a closure decided by the Swiss authorities or by any pool operator (either the pool owner or Red Whale) such as in the event of an epidemic or pandemic or any other extraordinary event beyond our control (for example, natural disaster, floods, etc.), Red Whale cannot be held responsible for these decisions and, consequently, this event does not entitle you to make-up lessons, refunds or credits.

  • However, if the pool is closed for public health reasons by the pool operators or government/cantons (any closure that is not a closure due to a technical problem), we will offer a life-long credit for missed lessons to your family account. This means that the next term we are open and you are coming back, you will receive the missed lessons as credits. This means that we do not refund the term but apply a credit the following term you join Red Whale. Should you leave the country, or not come back, the credit is lost. There are no refunds nor make-up lessons, even if you do not return.

  • If the pool is closed due to a technical problem, there will be a life-long credit of the number of cancelled lessons due to a technical difficulty allocated to your family account. However, there are no refunds nor make-up lessons, even if you do not return. 


5. COVID Rules

Currently the Swiss Conseil Fédéral does not require a covid certificate to enter our facilities. However, should rules change during the  term, it will compulsory to follow these rules. Not complying to these rules will mean you cannot enter our facilities. If the government changes the requirements for entry to public spaces again, we will implement these new measures. There are no refunds or make-up courses if you cannot comply with the new regulations. 


Masks are not compulsory in our facilities anymore either. However, should rules change, you will need to follow these new rules. There are no refunds or make-up courses if you cannot comply with the new regulations. 


6. Payment


Your child's place in a class is not confirmed until payment is made in full.  We do not accept partial payments.


By paying the invoice, you accept the terms and conditions as well as the time and date of the lesson for the entire duration of the course. No changes to the time and date can be made until the next quarter unless Red Whale wishes to do so.

Only full payments are accepted. Children cannot enter the water at the beginning of a term or summer camp unless payment is received in full. There are no exceptions.


We do not accept cash.


Siblings’ Discount

We offer the following discount to siblings: Second child - 10% discount, 3rd child - 20% discount, 4th child - 30% discount. This applies only to siblings registered for the same period, i.e. the same term or the same summer camp. Please note that the family discount does NOT appear on the family portal, but will be automatically deducted once payment has been made, not before. In the rare event that the sibling discount has not been automatically added once payment has been processed, please contact us. 

7. Swimwear

All children who are not potty trained or under 3 years of age must wear two nappies: one disposable and one made of non-disposable neoprene. This is to avoid having to close the pool in case of an accident.


Neoprene swim nappies can be purchased from us for 15 CHF cash. Parents or nannies attending children's classes must wear a standard swimsuit.

8. Presence in the pool


For health reasons, parents may not be able to stay and watch their child swim. The rules are detailed in the welcome document. However, these may change depending on the health situation and government or cantonal guidelines. Refusal to accept these rules will mean that you will not be able to come to the pool. No refunds will be made in this particular case. 

We have a very strict ONE parent per swimming child policy. This means only one parent can come inside our facility. The only exception are starfishes (5 month to 12 months which can have both parents present to help out with getting changed).


For parent/child lessons, we only allow one parent/ child in the pool. You can however change parents every lesson.

9. Parking

Please note that parking spaces in Geneva, Morges & Lausanne are difficult to find. Red Whale does not guarantee a parking space and is not responsible if you do not find parking in time for your lesson. No make-up lessons will be offered in case of delays or events occurring near the pool that make parking difficult.


10. Parents and Swimmers Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct

  • Set a good example for your children by showing respect and courtesy to other children, teachers and parents at all times.

  • Respect all facilities and other property used during practice.

  • If you have any concerns, you will discuss them privately with the appropriate swim coach.

  • Insist that your child refrain from any use, abuse, coarse or offensive language, inappropriate sexual conduct or any other behaviour that is considered dishonest, discourteous, offensive or disrespectful to others.


Swimmers Code of Conduct

  • Swimmers are required to follow the instructions of any member of the swim team at all times and to comply with all instructions. Disrespect or non-compliance with the instructions will not be tolerated by any child.

  • Swimmers are expected to show respect and courtesy to team members, teachers and parents during lessons.

  • Swimmers must be punctual and arrive on time.

  • Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear and if swimming independently swim caps and googles.

  • Swimmers must use appropriate language. The use of profane or abusive language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.


Any person who fails to comply with these Red Whale terms and conditions, runs the risk of being excluded from the courses without refund or compensation.



Updated on 5th August 2022

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