Terms and Conditions

The below terms apply to all registered students and parents

1. Registration

To register your child please complete registration on our website. Registrations by telephone and email will not be considered. Registering your child does not automatically guarantee a spot in a  class.  Once you register, you will be contacted with an offer of a place in a class.

2. Class Allocation

After you register, we will do our best to allocate your child to a class based on your preferred time, however we cannot guarantee this.  If all classes are full at the time of registration, you will go on the waiting list.

3. Payment

Your child’s spot in a class is only confirmed only when payment is made in full.  You will receive an invoice to pay with the offer and a payment deadline. We do not hold places after the payment deadline has expired. We do not  receive part payments. Only payments in full are accepted. Children cannot enter the water at the start of a term or holiday camp, unless payment is received in full. There are no exceptions.

4. Payment Methods

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, or by credit card. No cash is accepted.

5. Missed & Cancelled Lessons

1. Cancelled Lessons by Red Whale are very rare, however do occasionally take place due to unforeseen circumstances, such as pool closure. In case of a cancelled lesson, we will offer you a maximum of 2 options for a make-up lesson during our operating hours. Should you not accept these options, you are not entitled to a refund or a make-up lesson. The make-up lessons will be offered either in the current term or the following term. If we cannot offer a make up lesson in the current or following term, you will receive a credit. If you do not re-enrol for the following term and the make-up lessons have not yet been offered, there is no compensation. 


2. We do NOT offer make up lessons in case of absence, even for sickness justified with medical certification. Our lessons are adapted according to the level of the children. Adding a child to another lesson only for a make up lesson disrupts the lesson. In addition, we are full. There is no replacement lesson, either due to illness or non-medical absence. The only case of refund or replacement is if the pool is closed or if the lesson does not take place. No exceptions will be accepted. 


3. Cancelling lessons during a term by parents: Once your invoice has been paid, you commit yourself for the entire duration of the term. In case of illness justified by a medical certificate that cancels your participation in all lessons for the remainder of the term, we will refund you the rest of the term if a replacement is found and if the cancellation is made before the 4th lesson. Beyond the 4th class, no refund or remedial lesson is provided.


4. By paying the invoice, you accept the time and date of the lesson for the entire term. No changes to the time and date are possible until the next term. 

6. Priority for current pupils

Current pupils will be prioritised when scheduling lesson times and teachers for the next term. Current pupils means children who were fully paid up for the previous term. If you skip a term, and re-enrol, you will not have  priority.

7. Classes

Term lessons: Each child has one 30 minute lesson per week, except the classes in Grand Saconnex for ages 6+, which are 40 minutes long. Swimming camps are held during the school holidays.

8. Change in Class Time/Day

If a group class has one student in it, Red Whale has the right to consolidate that class. The staff will work with you to re-schedule classes. As classes are committed to by term, it is rare that the time of the class will change within a semester. We cannot guarantee the same teacher.

9. Public holidays

There are no lessons on official public holidays in the canton that you attend swimming lessons. We endeavour to not schedule lessons on public holidays. There are no refunds or replacement lessons for any lessons that fall on a public holiday within a trimester.

10. Teacher changes

While we will do everything within our control to maintain teacher continuity, Red Whale cannot guarantee that a teacher will not change within a trimester or from one trimester to the next. Red Whale does not guarantee teacher requests. We do our best to maintain continuity for children when moving from one trimester to the next,  or advancing from one level to the next, however we cannot guarantee it.

11. Swimwear

All children who are not toilet trained or under the age of 3 must wear a reusable swim nappy (no disposable swimming nappies)   while taking lessons. Parents or guardians participating in their child lessons must wear lycra or similar approved swimwear. Swim nappies will be available for sale.

12. Parents Involvement

We encourage parents to stay and watch their children from the pool deck. However, if it is deemed by the teacher that it is in the best interest of the child's progression that a parent not be present, you will not be able to remain on the pool deck.

13. Parking Spots

Please note that parking spaces in Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux are difficult to find. Red Whale does not guarantee a parking space and is not responsible if you do not find the parking in time for your lesson. No make up lesson will be offered in case of lateness or events happening close to the pool and making it difficult to park. 

14. Discounts for multi-children families

RWSS offer the following sibling discount: Second child - 10% discount, 3rd child - 20% discount, 4th child - 30% discount. This only applies to siblings that are enrolled for the same period i.e either same trimester or the same holiday camp.

15. Parent & Swimmer Code of Conduct

As parents, it is absolutely essential that we give our swimming teachers the respect and authority they deserve to run the swimming school. We ask that you read our code of conduct when signing your child(ren) up to Red Whale Swim School (RWSS) and agree to follow the rules for behaviour while attending the school. The following behaviour guidelines state the principles RWSS expects all parents and children to demonstrate and uphold.


  • Set the right example for our children by showing respect and common courtesies at all times to other children, teachers and parents

  • Respect all facilities and other property used during practice

  • If you have concerns, you will address it with the appropriate swimming teacher in private

  • Insist that your child refrain from using, violence, abusive or foul language, inappropriate sexual conduct, or any other behaviour deemed dishonest, discourteous, offensive or disrespectful of others.


  • Practice teamwork with all parents, children, and swim teachers by supporting the values of Discipline, Loyalty, Commitment, and Hard Work.

  • Ensure your children arrive and leave on time, and bring the proper equipment.

  • Parents must notify the RWSS via email if your child is unable to attend their designated class.

  • Parents are asked to kindly pay your fees on time.

  • All children who are not toilet trained or under the age of 3 must wear a reusable swim nappy (no disposable swimming nappies) while taking lessons. Parents or guardians participating in their child lessons must wear lycra or similar approved swimwear.

  • We encourage parents to stay and watch their children from the pool deck. If it is deemed by the teacher that it is in the best interest of the child’s progression that a parent not be present, you will not be able to attend.



The child participating in RWSS agrees to abide by the guidelines outlined below in addition to those established by the staff.

  • Swim for the fun of it, not just to please your parents or teacher.

  • Make every lesson and activity an opportunity to learn.

  • Swimmers are expected at all times to follow the directions of any member of the swimming staff , respect any instructions. Disrespect or failure to obey instructions will not be tolerated from any child.

  • Swimmers are expected to show respect, common courtesies at all times to the team members, teachers, parents and for all facilities and other property used during lessons

  • Swimmers should be punctual and arrive on time. Pool time is very valuable

  • Swimmers are expected to wear appropriate swimwear and swimming caps

  • Disruption in lessons by any swimmer will be grounds for removal

  • The swimming teachers are there to help the swimmers. Swimmers are expected to pay attention and follow all of the teacher’s instructions completely and exactly. If any clarification is needed, they are to ask questions politely.

  • Swimmers are expected to use appropriate language. Use of profane or abusive language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.

  • Dishonestly, theft, and/or vandalism will not be tolerated.

  • Indiscreet or destructive behavior will not be tolerated

  • Swimmers are expected to respect each other. Fighting, intentional touching or striking another swimmer will subject the swimmer to the most severe discipline.


The Swimming Teachers have the authority to impose the following penalties for violation of the RWSS Code of Conduct. The penalties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The swimmer will be given a verbal warning.

  2. The swimmer will be pulled out of practice in addition to a verbal warning and the teacher will contact the parent.

  3. A disciplinary form will be completed and the parent is required to sign the form and return it to their child’s swimming teacher

  4. If the swimmer continues his/her bad behavior, he/she will be excluded from the swimming class. No refund will be given.


I agree that if I violate any of these rules, I will be subject to disciplinary action determined by the swimming staff, which may include dismissal from class.

Upon registering and accepting a place for your child at RWSS and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions we assume that  you have read the RWSS, Code of Conduct with the registered Child and the child understands the RWSS, Code of Conduct, and that you (the parent/guardian) and the swimmer agree to abide by this Code and accept the penalties for not abiding by these.

To contact us please use the email corresponding to the school your would like to attend: