Summer term in Lausanne starts on Saturday 2nd July and finished on Saturday 20th August.

For children aged 5 months old and older - all levels welcome!


Unfortunately, we are already fully booked for all parent/child lessons. However, we do have many lessons for children aged 3.5 and over.  

We only teach on Saturday morning over Summer.

We have 8 weekends available. You choose whether you come 6, 7 or 8 weekends.


We do not need to know when you are coming. Once the spot is reserved it is yours the ENTIRE Summer.


6 weekends: 252 CHF for one week of lessons (6 lessons over 8 weekends - entrance included)

7 weekends: 294 CHF for one week of lessons (7 lessons over 8 weekends - entrance included)

8 weekends: 336 CHF for one week of lessons (8 lessons over 8 weekends - entrance included)



The minimum amount of lessons is 6 weekends, if you can only come to 5 weekends, you still pay for 6 weekends. There are no refunds or make-up lessons or credits if you come less than 6 weekends. 

If you are sure you want to come for 7 or 8 weekends, please contact us by email (after you have registered) and we will add the additional lessons. However, please register first in order to not loose the spot.

We hold small classes, have teachers in the water and teach in French and English.


Classes last 30 minutes or 40 minutes (depends on the level). 




  • You create your family account and choose the level in which you want your child to swim in. If you don't know your child's swimming level, choose a lower level. It is easier to move your child to a higher level than to move them down. The explanations of the swimming levels can be found on the corresponding page.

  • Children under 3.5 years old swim with a parent in the water. You can change the parent but only ONE parent goes into the water. There must be one responsible adult per child in the water; under no circumstances can the teacher take your second child on the course.

  • Children aged 3.5 years and over swim alone, without parents. They must however be able to follow the instructions given by the teacher in French or English (our teachers are bilingual) and be able to be separated from their parents for 30 minutes. If this is not the case, please choose the last level of parent & child classes. 

  • Once the registration is validated, it is not possible to cancel or modify it, except if a medical certificate cancels the entire term and is sent by email BEFORE the start of the Summer.

  • This is not a Summer camp – we do not take care of children the entire day, only during the lesson.

​Family discounts: 

2nd Child: 10% discount

3rd Child: 20% discount

4th child: 30% discount

Please be aware that the family discount does NOT show on the family portal but will be automatically deducted once payment has been processed, not before. In the rare event of the siblings' discount not having been automatically added once payment has been processed, please contact us. 

Terms and Conditions: 

Please note that once you have paid for the lesson, it is automatically assumed you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

We do not offer any replacement courses in case of absence, even due to illness.

We do not offer trial lessons.

In the rare event that we cancel a lesson due to technical reasons, we offer a credit to be used next time you register and not a refund. 

Payment for the entire week is due upon registration. Once the registration is validated, it is not possible to cancel or modify it, except if a medical certificate cancels the entire week and is sent by email BEFORE the start of the week.

In Lausanne, registration is for 6 weekends minimum. If you come to less than 6 weekends, there is no refund. 

Our pool is a teaching pool and we are only open during teaching hours.  

Please read our full terms and conditions before applying. 



For all children aged between 5 months old and young teenagers. All levels welcome!

  • A heated indoor pool with water temperature between 31 and 32°C.

  • Small classes (max 3 to 6 children, depending on age & level) with teachers in the water to ensure personal attention & maximum progression. 

  • Lessons in French & English.

  • We teach on Saturday all day & Sunday morning



Aquamed Flon Lausanne, Voie du Chariot 4/6,      1003 Lausanne

All information can be found on our FAQS page.

Prices and calendar can be found here


If you cannot find the information, please send us an email:


Who can attend?

All children from 5 months old to young teenagers, depending on the pool. All levels are welcome, including beginners.

Parents in the water?

For children between 5 months old and 3.5 years old, parents are with children in the water.

When children are ready to swim by themselves (normally between 2.5 - 4 years old), they become independent swimmers. 

Parents wait in the waiting area where they can see their child swim. For parent and child lessons, it's only ONE parent in the water per lesson but you can change the parent each time. 


How does it work? 

Classes will be with children of similar age/ability. Lessons are 30 minutes each. Lesson are given in French and English. We always demonstrate a skill to the children (rather than just tell them), so we can teach children with different language skills in the same class.


How do we teach? 

 Our “demonstrate, encourage, applaud, repeat” philosophy is the difference between children developing skills in the water and  resisting. It is critical that teachers are in the water, so they can instruct children with their actions as well as their voices. This also builds the child’s confidence to  try new things and make significant breakthroughs. For our younger classes, we use a lot of singing and games to keep them smiling and engaged.

Why Red Whale is different?

We ONLY teach in warm water. We recognise that it is important for children to be comfortable during swimming lessons.

Our class sizes are relatively small (max 5 kids per teacher in unaccompanied lessons, and 6 in parent-child classes), and all of our teachers are always in the water to ensure that every child (or parent) receives personal attention. 


Kids are in the water and active for the entire lesson. 

We follow the teaching methodology widely used in countries like Australia, USA and the UK whereby the teachers will always demonstrate skills in the water, rather than give instructions from the side of the pool.


We create a comfortable and fun environment for children in a boutique setting. 


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