GENEVA - Grand Saconnex (Starling Hotel) 

A 20 metre heated pool dedicated to children 6 years and older.


Please visit our special summer page to register. 

Please note - no children under 6 years of age are allowed in the Starling Hotel pool.


Parents are also not allowed in the pool area and cannot view the lessons. If you would like to watch the lessons, we have our pools in Chambesy and Beau Séjour. 

For babies and children under 6 years old, visit our Beau-séjour swimming pool in Champel or our Geneva Chambésy swimming pool.


Autumn 2020 term starts on 26th August and finishes on 20th December.

The term is 16 lessons and the price is 624 CHF for the entire term.

There are no lessons on 24/25th October 2020 (school holidays). 

Registration is only by filling in the below registration form.

If you are currently registered for Winter/Spring 2020 term or if you would like to add a new sibling, there is no need to register again. 

Due to the Covid19 restrictions, we cannot guarantee the exact starting date. However, please register via the online form to be allocated a spot. 

Please note that we do not offer replacement courses in case of absence, even due to illness.

We do not offer trial lessons.

In the rare event that we cancel a lesson, we offer a make-up lesson and not a refund. 

Payment for the entire term is due prior to the first lesson. However, you can cancel your registrations after the first lesson. 


Registration is by term. Each child has one lesson per week at the same time throughout the term.

Our pool is a teaching pool and we are only open during teaching hours. 

Starling teaching hours:

Wednesday: 3.00pm - 5.40pm 

Friday: 5.30pm - 8.00pm

Saturday: 9am - 1.00pm​

Classes last 40 minutes and are given in French and English. 

Family discounts: 

2nd Child: 10% discount (562 CHF)

3rd Child: 20% discount (499 CHF)

4th child: 30% discount (437 CHF)



(Starling Hotel)

A 20m, heated indoor pool with water and air temperature of 29-30°c, specifically dedicated for children 6 years of age and older.


Small classes in French & English.  

ADDRESS*: Starling Hotel, Route François Peyrot 34, 1218 Grand Saconnex

* Entrance through the reception and following the pool direction (left hand side)


PARKING: Available at the hotel - 30 min free. Please note parking spots in Geneva are hard to find. Red Whale is not responsible if you cannot find parking in time for your lesson.   


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: 10 minutes walk from Airport train station. Bus 5, F or 28.

Important Information


Who can attend?

Children starting at 6 years of age of all levels can attend our Grand Saconnex pool. Sadly the Starling hotel does not allow parents in the pool area. Therefore parents cannot see the lesson.

At our Chambésy Pool, we welcome babies starting from 4 months old and children younger than 6 years of age, where all levels including beginners are welcome. At our Champel pool, we welcome children starting 4 months old until 15 years old. 


How does it work?

Classes are held at the same time and on the same day once a week for the duration of the term. They will be with children of similar age/ability. Lessons are 30 or 40 minutes each. Lessons are in English or French, but our teachers also speak other languages. We always demonstrate a skill to the children (rather than just tell them), so we can teach children with different language skills in the same class.  

How do we teach? 

 Our “demonstrate, encourage, applaud, repeat” philosophy is the difference between children developing skills in the water and  resisting. 

Why Red Whale is different?

We ONLY teach in warm water. We recognise that it is important for children to be comfortable during swimming lessons.

Our class sizes are relatively small (max 6 kids per teacher in the Grand Saconnex pool), and all of our teachers are following the teaching methodology widely used in countries like Australia, USA and the UK whereby the teachers will always demonstrate skills. 


Kids are in the water and active for the entire lesson. There is no waiting around on the pool deck. Exception is made when they need to walk when coming out of the water to restart the length.

As children in the Grand Saconnex pool are older, teachers don't always go in the water with the children. It will solely depend on the exercices and the level of children. 

We create a comfortable and fun environment for children. 


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