Practical Information for Lessons

Parents - Please read carefully



We advise that you arrive no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of a lesson in order to change. We start strictly on time. Please be on the pool deck with your child at least 3 minutes before the scheduled start of the lesson.


Regular lycra swimwear is recommended. Parents who are in the pool with their children, we recommend wearing a swimming shirt. This gives children something to grab onto when they are swimming to you.

I can't come to a lesson

You are welcome to inform the teacher in advance, however this is not a requirement. There are no refunds for missed lessons. Fees are per term and not per lesson. 


Goggles are not a necessity. However they may help if children have sensitive or sore eyes. With goggles it is important that children do not become reliant on them. This means leaving goggles at home every second week or only allowing children to wear goggles for half the lesson. Remember children need to learn to swim without goggles for safety reasons e.g. if they fall in.

Water and food

Children are often tired and hungry after a lesson. We recommend bringing a water bottle and a snack for the children. Note: no food or drink on the pool deck. To be consumed outside the pool area only.

Bathing Caps

For children and adults with long hair, we advise the use of bathing caps. These are available for sale if you do not have one.

Watching and learning

For parents who are not in the water with their children, we encourage parents to sit on the pool and watch the lesson. You do not need to change into swimwear.

Other children

You are welcome to bring other children, if they are old enough to remain unsupervised. If you are in the pool with a child, we would not advise bringing another child under 6 years of age along to the pool with you, unless there is a second parent.

Is there an upper age limit for lessons?

NO. Once a child can do 50m of controlled freestyle and breaststroke with a good consistent technique, they are ready to progress to a swimming squad.