From 3.5 years old

The independent swim programme involves small groups of children in the water without parents. We keep the teacher/student ratio low and teachers are always in the water with beginners to ensure each child has personal attention (between 3 and 6 students per class depending on level).


Our program is designed to teach each child a specific set of skills in a sequential manner to successfully progress them to the next level. Each level is structured to build from the previous level, adding new skills. The program is based on the Australian teaching methodology, where new skills are learnt in a fun and comfortable environment.

Our program has a strong focus on technique and form. The fundamentals of swimming, such as streamlined gliding and developing a strong kick are critical. We believe that even if it means keeping a child in a particular level for a bit longer, giving the necessary attention to the fundamental building blocks of swimming is essential for your child’s future swimming ability and efficiency.


The three most important skills children need to learn before being able to move to another level are putting their full head in the water, being able to glide without aid and having a strong kick.

Independent Swimmers Diagram ENG-FR.png



Entry Criteria: Above 3 years old and comfortable with separating from parents and following basic instructions from the teacher (in English or French). 


Primary objestive: Building confidence in the water without an accompanying parent. To move to the next level, children need to be able to submerge their whole head for three seconds.

Key activities:

  • Encouraging confident and independent movement around the pool.

  • Safety exercises (back to the wall).

  • Floating on back and stomach with assistance from teacher.

  • Introduction to kicking with the support of flotation aids.

Maximum children per teacher: 3.


Sea otter-02-min.jpg

Entry Criteria: Ability to fully submerge their head for 3 seconds when asked.


Primary Objective: Dog paddle for 5m, while breathing twice.


Key activities:

  • Learning to inhale and exhale multiple times in a row, while blowing bubbles.

  • Floating on front and back.

  • Gliding on front and back independently.

  • Improving kicking technique and strength.

  • Learning arm movements and coordinating arms and legs.

  • Safety exercises.

Maximum children per teacher: 4.


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Entry Criteria: Ability to dog paddle for 5m, taking at least 2 breaths.


Primary Objective: Torpedo kick with head in the water for 7m.


Key activities:

  • Practicing strong, sustained kicking technique for crawl (freestyle) and backstroke.

  • Dog paddling over long distances, including multiple breathing.

  • Rotation from front to back with continuous kicking.


Maximum children per teacher: 4.



Entry criteria: Ability to maintain a strong sustained kick with head in the water for 7m.


Primary Objective: Swim crawl and backstroke with straight arms for 5m.


Key activities:

  • Perfectioning the freestyle kicking technique.

  • Introduction to front crawl high arms.

  • Introduction to backstroke high arms.

Maximum children per teacher: 5.



Entry criteria: Ability to perform crawl and backstroke with straight arms for 5m (breathing not required).


Primary Objective: Swim 10m of controlled crawl (breathing on one side) and backstroke.

Key activities:

  • Introduction of crawl side breathing.

  • Improvement of backstroke timing and coordination.

  • Introduction of breaststroke legs.

Maximum children per teacher: 6.



Entry criteria: Ability to perform controlled crawl (with breathing) and backstroke for 10m.


Primary Objective: Swim controlled crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke for 20m and with correct breathing.

Key activities:

  • Developing bilateral breathing in crawl.

  • Solidifying backstroke technique over 20m.

  • Breaststroke with correct breathing and timing.

  • Introduction of dolphin kick.

Maximum children per teacher: 6.



Entry criteria: Swimmers who can swim 20m controlled front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke, with correct breathing.

Primary Objective: Swim 100m front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, and 10m butterfly.


Key activities:

  • Refining crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke technique over longer distances.

  • Introduction of butterfly arms.


Maximum children per teacher: 7.

LEVEL 8: RED WHALE (Squad Training)

red whale-02-min.jpg

Entry criteria: 100m front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, and 10m butterfly.

Primary Objective: Preparation for competition.

Key activities:

  • Improving speed and stamina.

  • Technique tailoring for each swimmer.

  • Racing skills such as tumble turns and diving.