From 3.5 years old

The independent swim programme involves small groups of children in the water without parents. We keep the teacher/student ratio low and teachers are always in the water with beginners to ensure each child has personal attention (between 3 and 6 students per class depending on level).


Our program is designed to teach each child a specific set of skills in a sequential manner to successfully progress them to the next level. Each level is structured to build from the previous level, adding new skills. The program is based on the Australian teaching methodology, where new skills are learnt in a fun and comfortable environment.

Our program has a strong focus on technique and form. The fundamentals of swimming, such as streamlined gliding and developing a strong kick are critical. We believe that even if it means keeping a child in a particular level for a bit longer, giving the necessary attention to the fundamental building blocks of swimming is essential for your child’s future swimming ability and efficiency.


The three most important skills children need to learn before being able to move to another level are putting their full head in the water, being able to glide without aid and having a strong kick.



Entry Criteria: For Independent beginners. Minimum 3 years of age. Must be comfortable with separation from parents and be able to follow and obey basic instructions from teacher (in English or French). Can be brand new learners, or graduate from parent and child classes.

Overview: Building confidence in the water without an accompanying parent and can submerge head on command.


  • Confident and independent movement around pool.

  • Blowing bubbles with face submerged.

  • Floating on back and stomach with assistance.

  • Submerging to pick up sinkers from 60cm and regaining feet on pool floor.

  • Efficient gliding with assistance.

  • Strengthening kicking with the support of flotation aids

In order to be able to move to the next level, children need to be able to submerge their whole head in the water three consecutive times, children must be able to move independently in the water without any help from the teacher (floatation devices can be used in deep water).


Sea otter-02-min.jpg

Entry Criteria: Must be able to voluntarily submerge head 3 times in row and is confident and can move around the water independently. Must be able to follow and obey teacher instructions.

Overview: Focus on correct body position in water, strengthening kicking and improving breath control


  • Unaided star float on front and back.

  • Gliding on front and back independently for 3m

  • Retrieve an object from depth of 1m.

  • Demonstrating sustained kicking technique over 5m, with flotation devices.

  • Dog paddle unassisted in deep water for 3m.

  • Jump in deep water and return to edge.



Entry criteria: For children who can glide independently on front and back for 3m , and can dog paddle 3 metres independently in deep water.

Overview: Efficiently and independently move through the water (on the front and back) with proper kicking technique, with an introduction to front and back crawl arms.


  • Perfection of freestyle kicking technique.

  • Independent streamline with kicking on front (face in the water) and back for 10m

  • Tread water 15 seconds without assistance

  • Introduction of freestyle (front crawl) arms

  •  Introduction to backstroke (back crawl) arms



Entry Criteria: For Children who can do overarm front crawl (freestyle) for 5m (correct breathing technique not required) and basic back crawl (backstroke) with overarm movement for 5m.

Overview: Continue to develop and strengthen their crawl strokes, with perfection of side breathing. Introduction of breaststroke.


  • Controlled back crawl for 10m

  • Front crawl: correct technique with arms and legs moving rhythmically, and lateral breathing for 10m

  • breaststroke kicking for 15m

  • Basic diving

  • Tread water for 30 seconds.

  • Retrieve an object from 1.50m



Entry criteria: For learners who can do 10m of controlled front crawl (with bi-lateral breathing) and 10m of controlled back crawl.

Overview: Continuing to develop front and back crawl with rhythmic breathing, continuous progression of correct breaststroke.


  • Proficient front crawl strokes with side breathing for 25m

  • Proficient backstroke for 25m

  • Correct breaststroke with correct breathing and timing.

  •  butterfly legs for 10m.

  • Perfection of diving technique

  • Tread water for 60 seconds.



Entry criteria: For Learners who can swim 25m controlled, efficient front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke, with correct rhythmical breathing.

Overview: Learners will progress to swimming longer distances, while refining their 3 swimming strokes, and learning full butterfly stroke.


  • Swimming 100m of front crawl back crawl, and breaststroke with rhythmical breathing.

  • Can perform correct diving technique and continue swimming.

  • Butterfly technique full stroke to include at least 6 rhythmical breaths.

  • Can perform a rescue.

RED WHALE (Squad Training

red whale-02-min.jpg

Entry criteria: For Children who can swim 100m of controlled freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, and can swim 25m of butterfly.

Objective: Junior Squad training, where learners focus on speed, stamina, technique perfection, and racing skills in preparation for competition.


  • Racing dives and tumble turns.

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