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Terms & Conditions

Please read this page carefully as it will respond to most of your questions

Thank you for considering joining Red Whale Swim School! This page has been created to make sure all terms and conditions are shared. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have further questions! 



We are teaching Monday to Sunday, outside of school hours and offer some day-time lessons as well, depending on demand! You can join us immediately - No need to wait the end of a term!


The address is: chemin des limites 1B in 1293 Bellevue.


The lessons continue all year around. The only time the facility is closed is during Christmas/New year Geneva School holidays, Geneva Easter school holidays and Summer holidays. You can see our calendar on our dedicated page and below.

When we are closed, you do not pay for the lesson but you also do not need to re-enrol! Your lesson just starts at the same time after the holidays. 



Monday to Friday: 40 chf/lesson                    ----------------                 Saturday and Sunday: 45 chf/lesson 

The final price on the invoice depends on how many lessons you have that month. For example in January 2023 there were 5 Mondays and Tuesdays making the final price 200 CHF for January 2023. In February 23, there are only 4 Mondays and Tuesdays, making the final price 160 CHF for February 23. 


Payment is only with a credit card via our UDIO booking system. We do not accept payment at our facility.

We offer a siblings' discount on the second (10%), third (20%) and fourth (30%) child of the same family. 

Please be aware that the family discount does NOT show on the family portal but will be automatically deducted once payment has been processed, not before. In the rare event of the siblings' discount not having been automatically added once payment has been processed, please contact us. 


Why are we charging more on weekends and less during the week?

  • We pay our teachers a premium rate for working on weekends and

  • to encourage people to come during the week to try and smooth out demand over the 7 days. 


We do not offer trial lessons, but you are very welcome to come and see our facilities and see some of our lessons. Best to come during the week after 4pm and on weekends after 9am. 


Once you have decided to join us, you have to determine the swim level of your child. For parent/child classes, the level depends on the age of the child. Details can be seen on the dedicated page. 

For children swimming independently - usually from 3.5 years old - the lesson is based on their swimming ability and NOT their age, like other swim schools in Geneva. Please chose your child's level on the dedicated page.

Your child will be in a lesson based on their age/swimming ability. The child moves to the next level when they are ready.


The amount of time that they spend in each level is different from child to child. All children progress in the same sequence but at different speeds. When your child moves up to a new level, this may require a slight time change.

When you have chosen your level, you can register directly on our dedicated page.

You will have to create a family account. You will need to register yourself and your child. Please register your child with the correct date of birth or you will not be able to sign him up for the right class.


Once the registration is processed and the payment has gone through, you will receive an email confirmation with all relevant information for the first lesson. Make sure to check your spam folder if you have not received a confirmation email. 


What happens when my child is ready to move to the next level?

  • The deck supervisor or the teacher will inform the parents that their child is ready to move to the next level. 

  • The child will receive a medal.

  • An email will be sent to the parents requesting them to choose a class in the next level. We will do our best to offer all levels at all times, so the change of time (if any) should be minimal. If the parent wishes, they are free to choose a different time, or different day. 




This works just the same as any monthly subscription and it is renewed automatically every month, unless you cancel. On the 16th of the month, we debit your credit card for lessons for the following month. For example, on the 16th February, we debit your card for lessons in March. You can see the payment history, at all times, in your account on our website.

Payment is only with a credit card via our UDIO booking system. We do not accept payment at our facility. 


To cancel, you have to send an email to

Cancellations have to happen before the 15th of the previous month and they only apply to the 1st of the following month. This means that if you wish to finish your lessons by the 1st March, you have to cancel before the 15th February by sending an email.



Lessons missed, even if justified by a medical certificate, are neither reimbursed, changed or replaced. We do not change your lesson if you have another event happening during your swim lesson (e.g. birthday party, school recital, etc). There are no exceptions.

If you cannot come during school holidays and we are teaching, you can decide to either cancel the lesson according to our cancellation policy outlined above but this means you will lose your spot and we cannot guarantee your will have the same when you wish to come back. The alternative is that you miss the lessons, and stay in the same class. Unfortunately, missed lessons are not reimbursed or credited and we don't offer make-up lessons.


We are closed for Christmas/New year, Easter and Summer Geneva School Holidays. You do not pay for lessons during the weeks the school is closed.  You can see our calendar on our dedicated page and below.

Prolonged absence justified by a medical certificate

In the event of an accident or long term illness, justified by a medical certificate that covers at least three following weeks and announced immediately, which cancels your participation in the remaining lessons for an extended period of at least three upcoming sessions, we will cancel your subscription from the moment you have announced the sickness/accident and give you a credit on your family account for the lessons you have already paid. However, you will have to re-enrol and your place will not be reserved and there is no guarantee that the same lesson will be available. There is no possibility to receive credit or be refunded for any session that is already gone. 


Once we have started the lessons, you can request to change the date/hour of your class by writing an email or coming to see us at reception. Best is to already see what spots we have available by consulting our online timetable. 

However this change is then permanent (until you request another change). This is not for one-time replacements due to an event you have coming. 


We can organise private lessons. Registration can be done via our website directly. Cancellation for private lessons for children follow the same terms & conditions as group lessons. Private lessons for adults can be cancelled by email ( up to 72h before the start of the lesson. In case of cancellation, we will credit your family portal. There is no refund or rescheduling of your lesson. 

A response to more questions can be found on our FAQs page. 

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