GENEVA - CHAMPEL (Beau-Séjour)

A warm, child friendly pool - lessons from 4 months of age

Weekends only.

Pre-registration for the Winter and Spring term 2021 is now online.


Please follow the link below to fill out a registration form. 


We have limited spots available, and are usually oversubscribed for popular time slots. Therefore, registering does not guarantee you a spot as we work on a first come, first served basis. We do our best to accommodate as many children as possible. The more flexible your are with your availability, the more chance you have to get a spot.  


Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we do not know yet when pools will reopen for Winter 2021 term. Normally the term would start the week of 5 January, but we will have to wait for the Canton and the decisions of the pool operators to be able to open up again.

Therefore, we will not send out a schedule nor invoices before we find out when we can open up our pools again. As we do not know when classes will resume, we cannot yet give you the price of the Winter/Spring 2021 term.

Our classes are 40 CHF each (no additional pool entry cost for children or parent).


Please be aware that the Beau-Séjour pool is a rented pool inside the HUG hospital. No covid 19 patients are treated there. However, the pool being located in a hospital means that chances of the pool reopening in January are slim and if reopening, risks of it closing down because of Cantonal or hospital decisions are greater than for other pools.

Beau Sejour (Champel) teaching hours:

Saturday: 9.00 am - 5.30pm

Sunday: 9.00 am - 5.30pm

Classes last 30 minutes for parent & child classes, Platypus & Sea otters and 40 minutes for all other levels

​Lessons in French & English.

Family discounts: 

2nd Child: 10% discount 

3rd Child: 20% discount 

4th Child: 30% discount 

Terms and Conditions

Please note that we do not offer replacement courses in case of absence, even due to illness.

We do not offer trial lessons.

In the rare event that we cancel a lesson due to technical issues, we offer a make-up lesson and not a refund. 

Payment for the entire term is due prior to the first lesson. However, you can cancel your registrations after the first lesson. 


Registration is by term. Each child has one lesson per week at the same time throughout the term.

Our pool is a teaching pool and we are only open during teaching hours. 

Please read our full terms and conditions before applying. 


This facility boasts two heated pools: a small 5m pool and a 20m, heated indoor pool with water and air temperature of 33°c.


This means that we can accommodate our young independent swimmers or parent/baby classes, as well as our older and more experienced swimmers in one facility.  


Small classes in French & English. We only teach on Saturday and Sunday at our Champel pool.  

ADDRESS: Hôpital de Beau-Séjour, Avenue de Beau-Séjour 26, 1206 Genève, Switzerland


PARKING: Available at near the pool. They are white zone directly in front of the pool. However, please note parking spots in Geneva are hard to find. Red Whale is not responsible if you cannot find parking in time for your lesson.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Many busses and trams stop nearby



Who can attend?

All children staring from 4 months of age until 15 years old can join the Beau Séjour swimming pool. Beginners but also experienced swimmers are welcome in our pool. 


Parents in the water?

For children between 4 months and 3,5 years of age, parents are with children in the water.

When children are ready to swim by themselves (normally between 2.5 - 4 years old), they become independent swimmers. Parents can then enjoy watching their children, without having to get changed! For parent and child lessons, it's only ONE parent in the water per lesson but you can change the parent each time. 


How does it work?

Classes are held at the same time and on the same day once a week for the duration of the term. They will be with children of similar age/ability. Lessons are 30 or 40 minutes each. Lessons are in English or French, but our teachers also speak other languages. We always demonstrate a skill to the children (rather than just tell them), so we can teach children with different language skills in the same class.  

How do we teach? 

 Our “demonstrate, encourage, applaud, repeat” philosophy is the difference between children developing skills in the water and  resisting. 

Why Red Whale is different?

We ONLY teach in warm water. We recognise that it is important for children to be comfortable during swimming lessons.

Our class sizes are relatively small (max 6 kids per teacher in unaccompanied lessons, and 5/6 in parent-child classes), and all of our teachers are always in the water to ensure that every child (or parent) receives personal attention. 


Kids are in the water and active for the entire lesson. There is no waiting around on the pool deck. 

We follow the teaching methodology widely used in countries like Australia, USA and the UK whereby the teachers will always demonstrate skills in the water, rather than give instructions from the side of the pool.

For older or more experienced children, teachers don't always go in the water with the children. It will solely depend on the exercices and the level of swimming of the children. 


We create a comfortable and fun environment for children. 

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